Our Guinness World Record Attempt!

Join AllShapeUp Director James Hesling for the greatest ever distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours.


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James Hesling from ASU

Help Change The Lives Of Our Future Generation

Running for the Youth Sports Trust to help combat child obesity, AllShapeUp Director James Hesling will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the greatest amount of miles ran on a treadmill in 12 hours. On May 31st, in the Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre, James will hope to break the current World Record set by Ronnie Delzer in August 2016 where he ran 89.38 miles in Texas, USA.

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World Record Attempt In Facts

  • An estimated 10,000 calories will be burned during the attempt.
  • James will sweat over 20 litres throughout the run.

  • Over 2,000 miles will be ran throughout training.
  • James will literally shrink during the attempt! (Don’t worry he will return to normal size shortly afterwards.)
  • It will take months for James’ body to fully recover!
  • James can not touch the treadmill… If he does, the attempt is failed!
  • The attempt will be constantly observed by independent witnesses and timekeepers.
  • The goal is to run at least 90 miles in 12 hours at 7 minute 30 seconds per mile. At this rate, he will comfortably break the record with a safe margin while still allowing minimal time for breaks.