Love A Little Rest

AllShapeUp to those closest to me, has pretty much been all I’ve talked about for the last 12months. And to say I’m a little excited right now, could possibly be the biggest understatement imaginable. “Blogging” is something I’m particularly new to, however talking is something I can quite easily do! So here goes…

Over the past few months we’ve conjured up many topics which I want the team and I to discuss. However, choosing the first one presented one of the biggest question marks to date. As we sat and discussed whether it should be “myths about nutrition” or maybe even “the most inappropriately named, yet most beneficial yoga positions”, we struggled to make that decision! A decision ultimately needed to be made. So please enjoy our first blog, something that empowers each and everyone of us everyday – confidence.

Imagine how long the queue would be if we could bottle up and give away confidence. We’d all be cruising through our workouts and daily life without any of the usual factors that can sometimes hold us back. Sadly, we’ve not yet been able to do that quite yet. What we can do though, and most definitely will do, is help you through that transition of becoming a more confident you.

Confidence is something everyone can suffer with a lack of (unless you’re Miley Cyrus in which case you might just have a teeny tiny bit too much). It’s important that we nurture the confidence from within, and reinforce the messages which really do make a difference to our everyday lives, and indeed our weight loss. Each and every one of us faces obstacles every week either at work, home, or within our social groups. The most important thing we can do is begin to turn these obstacles into positives. Nothing pumps confidence into you like getting through a tough week of obstacles, and coming out the other end still maintaining your health and fitness regime.

It’s so important to look back on the week and assess exactly what went right and wrong for you. Even if you had a blip with your weight in the week, you’re only human (contrary to our beliefs!), and that’s absolutely fine! The secret is to know where you had your blip, and make changes wherever realistic and possible to storm into the next week, confident that those mistakes will become distant memories.

Over the last 12months, confidence at AllShapeUp has been growing on hard work and really analysing our own performance. We’ve certainly had setbacks up to now, and sure we’ll have more to come, but we’ve reinforced that confidence through our ups and downs. Confidence is something which really affects each and every one of us, which is why your personal ASU coach will always be a message or a call away.

I’m going to leave our opener short and sweet, I hope it left you wanting more and indeed on the start of a path leading to a more confident you! We’ll keep firing out more linking in with health, fitness, nutrition and indeed, confidence!

Love and passion,

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