So You Want To Run A Marathon

Ever thought about taking the plunge and joining the Marathon Runner Club?? More often than not you hear people say “I could never do that”, but the reality is… You can! People from all over the world, from different backgrounds, race, ages, sex, and especially different sizes complete the 26.2 mile run!

The biggest reasons people do not attempt the big race, is because they perceive it would be impossible to run one or that only super fit people run them because they must find it easy.

The thing is to realise that just because you couldn’t run one now, does not mean you can not in 6 months or a year from now… Oh and super fit people, still find them hard… So at least you know you are in the same boat.

If you are lucky enough to have one planned in the future or like many others just need that little extra push, here are a few tips from my experience which will help you prepare for the big, exciting and fun day! Enjoy.

Get one booked! There is nothing like making yourself committed than confirming your place. If you are running your first, I found running in one of the busier marathons so good and helpful. The crowds are always amazing and the runners really do spur each other on!
Give your marathon a purpose. Whatever your reason for running the marathon is, really use that to keep you motivated through the training and especially through the miles on the big day! Having that added incentive completely makes the difference.
Give yourself plenty of time to train. Aim for 6+ months of consistent training where you slowly build it up each week. That way you keep yourself at minimum risk of injury and you know when the big day comes you’re ready to really enjoy the day.
Think realistic. We would all love to hit a sub 3 hour marathon, but what is important is that you set a goal that is achievable for you. Take your time on the big day and really enjoy it rather than worrying about your finishing time.
Rest! You do not need to head out running 5 days a week from day 1 of training. It is important that you let your body recover when it needs to, and roughly 3 weeks before the big day, when you’re itching to keep running… The best thing to do is “taper” your training and do less. That way you know you are fully fresh and feeling tip top for the big day.
Get motivational! Talk to everyone you can for supportive messages, dedicate miles to different people while you run, have a few inspirational messages and quotes to get you through when you need them most.
My final and most important… Enjoy it! It’s a huge achievement running a marathon, and if you’re taking the plunge… Welcome to the club.

If you would like any more advice regarding your marathon or another long distance event on training, nutrition or preparation then please contact me with your questions!

Love and passion,

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