The truth about fasted workouts...

We’ve had a few questions from the #TeamASU community recently about fasted workouts; what exactly are they and how do they work?

Fasting involves forgoing energy intake for a period of time; anything from 12-36 hours and sometimes even longer. It’s all about restricting any food and fluid consumption during specific time periods that contain kcals (pretty much everything besides water!). You would then continue to eat as you usually would post fast.

A fasted workout, is typically the period of time from waking up, to completing exercise i.e. a power walk, run, HIIT session etc, without any energy intake during this period. Post exercise, you would then resume your normal daily eating habits.

The end result can often be accelerated weight loss, purely because you consume less calories in the day, therefore helping to create a calorie deficit.

At #TeamASU our members follow personal training programs tailored to their individual goals and needs. A popular goal for many new members is weight loss. In these cases, fasted workouts can work exceptionally well.

One AllShapeUp member in particular Jo trains four mornings a week. On each of these days, Jo completes a fasted workout; this can be anything from a HIIT session to something more aerobic such as walking her dog.

Jo consumes her breakfast after the workout has finished, which usually consists of something high in protein such as poached eggs and avocado on toast or our overnight protein oats.

Through this method of training, Jo has lost eight pounds in the last two weeks. 

Pretty amazing, huh?

Contrary to popular belief, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day for everyone. Working out on empty stomach can be beneficial for an individual with weight loss goals. Working towards a calorie deficit is essential for shedding those pounds and this can often be achieved through fasted workouts.

Other TeamASU members have reported an increase in energy levels during fasted workouts. They have also stated that they feel fuller much quicker when having eaten their breakfast afterwards. This in itself reduces the risks of snacking, overeating and undoing all your hard work.

Hugh Jackman himself is said to have undergone intermittent fasting when training for Wolverine. If that isn’t reason enough to try a fasted workout, then here’s a bit of science to convince you…

An empty stomach triggers a flow of hormones through the body that are surprisingly conducive to both building muscle and burning fat.

Fasting improves insulin sensitivity. Fact.Eating less frequently is one sure-fire way to help lose weight because it results in the body releasing insulin less often, so we become more sensitive to it and that makes it easier to lose fat, improve blood flow to muscles, and curbs the impact of an unhealthy diet.

Fasting also increases growth hormone (GH) which helps the body to make new muscle tissue improve bone quality and physical function. That being said, fasted workouts are not for everyone and it is very important to work with a professional to understand your individual needs and fitness goals.

To understand more about the benefits of fasted workouts or to chat about your fitness goals, drop us an email at We absolutely love helping our members to achieve their fitness aspirations and it’s our dream to help as many people as possible to become fitter, stronger healthier and happier!

Love and passion,


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