The Red Wine Diet

Yes there is such a thing! We often get members asking us recommendations on particular diets, and between #TeamASU we’ve probably tried most of them. The Red Wine Diet though instantly grabbed our attention… I’m sure you only need one guess as to why.

Over the years I have tried and tested a variety of ‘fad’ diets, where the results were minimal or simply unsustainable. As someone who enjoys sport and considers them self to be a ‘foodie’, many of these diets had me feeling fatigued and totally begrudging towards to idea of exercise and food prep. However, I recently heard about a new kind of diet, one that suited me down to a T.

Despite my scepticism towards this new diets validity and potential results, I decided that even if it didn’t have any noticeable results, who cares, I get to drink red wine.

So, how does it work?

Dieticians suggest that due to the chemicals in red wine, it works well as an appetite suppresser to get rid of all those naughty evening cravings for chocolate, cheese and nibbles. It is well documented that for your body to have time to metabolise your food and aid weight loss, you must try not to eat past 7pm. Considering fridges are created with a built in light I struggle to believe this advice, but nonetheless I will give anything a try.

So, for the past fortnight I have given it a go, and followed the directions of the diet. Each night after returning from work I would make my dinner by 7pm sharp (or tea as some of you call it, but who are you kidding? That’s a hot beverage). This would leave me feeling full for at least an hour or so, but soon enough the cravings began. Instead of reaching for the biscuit tin I turned to my good old friend, the cork screw.

Did it work?

Much to my surprise, yes. As long as I took small sips I could make the glass last for some time and totally distracted myself from thoughts about food. Not only did it prevent cravings, but it also helped me to ‘wind down’ after a busy day. This allowed me to start having earlier nights and get the recommended amount of sleep, which in turn also aids weight loss/ management. Finally, red wine is also known for increasing your metabolism and improving your digestive system which obviously aids weight loss.

All in all, these combined benefits and loss of cravings have genuinely worked as a diet technique. After two weeks I have noticed a vast improvement in both my energy levels and my mood. This has allowed me to exercise more each week whilst making no changes to my daily diet, yet I have finished the two weeks with a noticeably flatter stomach, an area that has previously been my nemesis.

Now, I would just like to make a short disclaimer…

As the newest recruit to #TeamASU I am a recently graduated university student with a keen aptitude for any form of alcohol, so some nights restraining myself to just the one glass was the

biggest hurdle I had to face. So here’s my recommendation, if you’re going to follow this diet properly by only drinking one glass of red wine in the evening, at least make sure it’s a big one!

Love and Passion,



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