Overcoming Obstacles To Training

Exercise hurdles; we all have them, but factors stopping us from exercising can be both physical and mental. There are dozens of these factors that we will always encounter throughout our life, including on a daily basis. Many people find the most challenging part of the day is exercising, whether you’re new to exercise, or even if you’re a keen exerciser, we all suffer from barriers.

Throughout the years of training people AND experiencing them myself, below are some of the most common obstacles that I come across, and for me, the best way to overcome them.

Probably the most commonly used phrase I hear is “I don’t have enough time to train.” I hear it from new clients, new members, my friends, everyone. Time is a very precious thing, and it’s something many of us don’t have a lot of to give to something we don’t particularly always want to do – train!

A 30 minute workout is just 2% of a 24hour day. To become fitter and to lose weight, along with the right type of workout and a healthy balanced diet you can become fitter and feel good about your body. Just 3-4 workouts a week, a maximum of 2 hours is all that is needed for exercise.

Instead of saying you don’t have enough time, try to rephrase it to “what are my priorities”. A healthy body should be at the top of everyones list, and it’s incredible to see that when perspectives change, just how people begin to find a little more time to train.

It’s natural to become bored of training if you’re constantly repeating the same workouts. But exercise doesn’t have to be boring! Do exercise that you enjoy. It could be a fast paced HIIT workout in your living room, or your weekly Yoga class. The best way to train is through VARIETY, it not only keeps you more interested, but it’s better for you too.

Lack of motivation:
For me, this is everything. Motivation is what make us strive, not only in training but throughout all aspects of life. Try to set yourself small and realistic goals, it might be as small as to take the plunge and sign up, or to start your workout after a long and stressful day at work. Beginning your journey is the hardest part, once you’ve started it, the key is then to slowly build momentum. Connect with similar people who are on a similar journey to you and motivate each other. It could be a friend, or together in our support group, use relatable successes to help your own.

Exercise makes me feel uncomfortable:
When exercise is new to you, the feeling of strained muscles, sweating and the other affects of exercise can be uncomfortable. If starting out, make sure you slowly introduce yourself to different types of exercises. Ask an industry professional every question you feel you need to know the answer to, ask me!

Try to uplift your mood with some music on in the background and remember to focus on the correct technique whilst slowly introducing yourself to knew ones. Most importantly, remember that slow and steady wins the race!

As mentioned before, there are many obstacles, however those are my four most common. Let us know about any you encounter and we can discuss overcoming any that might be holding you back.

Love and passion,
James Hesling