Love A Little Rest

Since my last blog focussing on motivation I’ve received lots of positive and indeed constructive feedback, thank you to all of you! Where I was previously having mind blocks about blog topics, it now seems to be a distant memory with me having lightbulb moments on almost a daily basis. One key message which stands out for me this week is how I’m having to remind people consistently about the importance of rest!

With summer not too far in the future, it seems many clients have a new found surge of motivation, which is great! (I’m not quite sure my previous blog can take all the credit for this… but nonetheless might have helped!) Whilst desire, enthusiasm and motivation are essential to achieving any goal in life, (especially those fitness goals) it is crucial that we listen to our body.

Once upon a time going back several years to when I played highly competitive sport, I had a very specific goal of playing professional football. (slightly ambitious in hindsight) Unfortunately I failed to realise that training, motivation and dedication weren’t the sole attributes needed, and that training everyday through pain definitely wasn’t the smart way to go. It indeed hindered me rather than improved me and I was out of action for almost a year.

Everyone has their own unique goal and my example is one which is specific to me, however it is something which we can all learn from. What is apparent is that our bodies all need that vital recovery. Your body is a hugely powerful tool which we can all be prone to ignore. Aches, pains and tired bodies is something we should really respond to in a smart way. I’m a huge lover of the old saying “Rome wasn’t build in a day”, and that applies for you too.

Love your body, and let your body love you, learn from my mistake and make sure you include those rest days into your weekly schedule, you’ll be thanking yourself in the long run! Train smart, and remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Love and passion,