Indulging in December

This week we’ve been inspired by our members who since the start of December have been contacting us regarding their struggles throughout the month so far with their healthy lifestyle. December is the busiest social month for most of us with little time to relax or workout. Events with friends and family, the work Christmas party, Christmas shopping and Christmas markets too. All of which are filled full of unhealthy treats and alcoholic drinks everywhere we turn!

The last week we’ve been regularly asked “What do I do in December? I don’t want to put the weight I’ve lost back on!”

The simple answer is; ENJOY IT! During December there’s nothing wrong with indulging at parties and having a second helping of pigs in blankets on Christmas Day – I 100% will be having thirds… of everything, but this doesn’t mean you have to undo all the progress you’ve made throughout the year!

The key for a successful December where you can enjoy the best of both worlds is to remain on track during your normal days. During the week or weekend when you don’t have a social occasion it’s important to remember to get straight back into routine. Eat your fresh food, drink lots of water and do your HIIT workouts.

Planning your meals for quieter days is important. Having your food either already prepared or knowing exactly what you’ll be eating will help to avoid unhealthy snacking throughout the day. Add in a short 15/20 minute HIIT workout on these days too and you’ll avoid losing those hard earned results.

It’s important to remember that there’s nothing wrong with putting a couple of pounds on over the Christmas period. If you remain healthy and active during the quieter days you’ll avoid putting all that hard work to waste, and most importantly, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the Christmas festivities!

Love and passion,
James Hesling

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