Healthier Choices On Holiday

We now have the pleasure of enjoying (some) summer sun here in UK, and the best part about the summer is that long awaited beach holiday which we’ve all been counting down! I can’t help but start this with some lyrics from the old school, “feel good” master himself, Will Smith… “Summer, summer, summertime, time to sit back and unwind.” Those lyrics are exactly what the majority of us do on holiday (and deservedly so!). Unfortunately though, if you’re like me, you somehow return home having grown saddle bags, another chin and suddenly feel out of breath when getting dressed in the morning!

Now i’m not saying that we should all stay completely healthy on holiday (it then wouldn’t be a holiday!), but we can introduce a few quick and easy wins to make sure you do not suffer from my post holiday symptoms.

The most important thing your body needs whilst you’re away from the busy, stressful life at home is rest! Enjoy catching up on your sleep and make the most of a lie in rather than getting up before sunrise to capture the best sunbeds! Your body will really benefit from the rest you give it on holiday, allowing it the recovery it needs.

Enjoy the local food! For me, the best part of a holiday is all the fresh seasonal food on offer. Long gone are the ready meals while you’re away so take advantage of the freshly grilled fish and meat, and especially all the delicious fruit on offer everywhere you turn. Try to include fresh vegetables where you can to make sure your body is still getting all the nutrients it needs.

We all enjoy a drink when we’re away, however it really is important to make sure you drink enough water throughout the day… and night. It will not only keep you hydrated but it’ll make you feel fresher and more active the next day! If you are planning on indulging on the alcoholic beverages, then try to choose a few lower calorie options like a white wine spritzer, light beer, red wine or maybe a gin and slimline tonic.

My final little tip would be to get active wherever possible. If you enjoy the sports on offer then great, but if you’re switching off from exercise then opt for the tourist option and enjoy the sights. Take long walks along the beach or join the excursions around which you know will give you beautiful walks along the way!

Wherever it is you are jet setting off to, enjoy your deserved time away and make the most of it with these little tips in mind.

Love and passion,

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