Happy National Fitness Day

Happy National Fitness Day!

To everyone whom manages to read this post, thank you. This one is specifically for who are currently on their own healthy journey and for those who are always on the verge of starting one, however have not quite found the courage to take the plunge.

Starting your quest to a fitter and healthier you is not always an easy life to live. There are many many distractions and temptations everywhere we turn just luring us in to change our mind and turn back to the dark side of an unhealthy lifestyle.

In our opinion there is a huge preconception in the world that in order to be fit you need to live the life of a fitness monk. However the reality is, unless you’re wanting to become the next Olympic Champion, those treats can be enjoyed!

Being motivated is the key ingredient to not only keep going on your journey but to actually enjoy it. We recommend and definitely advise that you can enjoy your little comforts little and every so often when you balance it with good exercise 3/4 times a week.

The key is to be patient, which we all know we find hard! Keep reminding yourself that your journey is a marathon not a sprint and that little steps forward every week are better than taking a sudden giant leap, only to be then demotivated when the shock to the system hits you.

Set yourself tiny goals each day, such as really trying to drink more water (we always recommend 2.5litres a day!), or to eat fresh vegetables everyday. These little, achievable mini goals will keep you motivated (especially when you hit them!) but also, all these little goals added together will achieve your dream goal!

That dream which you have in your mind… Is possible. There are going to be hard times, times when it seems impossible, times when you want to give up. Don’t. Keep believing.

Love and passion,

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