Goal Setting

Happy New Year!

It’s important to take some time away to reflect on how the previous year has gone. In our case we took the last couple of weeks to really evaluate our performance throughout 2016, along with setting new targets for 2017.

Our main 2016 goal was to launch, and through many ups, downs and changes we achieved just that. Looking back there are definitely areas we could have executed better along with many decisions that we shouldn’t have made, but that’s ok with us.

It’s through mistakes and setbacks that we learn and grow as people. We didn’t achieve everything we set out to but we certainly made giant leaps forward in laying a solid foundation for our first full year since launching.

I’m a huge believer in “Goal Setting” and both my personal and business goals are challenging but achievable. My personal ones vary from running a 3 hour marathon to studying more in the evenings. Whereas AllShapeUp goals vary from providing over 200 workout videos and recipes, to bringing out a range of new products to assist members with their progress.

Once you know your goals it’s important to put a little substance behind each one. Plan a realistic timeline of events that will lead to you achieving them. It will aid you in keeping motivated, keeping on track but most importantly you’ll be able to assess if each goal is realistic.

Take the next few days to think about how you can continue your journey. It doesn’t have to be solely your health and fitness, but your work and family too. Once planned, share them with those closest to you and seek their opinion. It’s important knowing that those you spend the most time with support you through the commitment required to achieve each one.

Love and passion,
James Hesling
AllShapeUp Director

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