Get Set For Winter

Christmas is coming which means there is the unfortunate downside that it’s the time of the year where the sunshine has left us, the clouds are darker, the rain heavier and we somehow miss all daylight whilst we’re working.

We all find it easier to train in the summer and we all definitely prefer running in those summer long nights rather than the dark, cold, wind and rain of winter! Don’t let the beginning of the festive season put a halt on your training for the next several months… Here are a few little tips which will get you set and ready for your winter training.

Get prepared:
We’re used to running in daylight, however running in the dark can bring a whole new experience to running. When heading out for a run in the dark it’s good to know the route you’re running is well lit with street lights. There’s nothing worse than heading down a country road and accidentally face planting into a tree! (Trust me it hurts.)

Wear the right kit:
I wouldn’t recommend heading out this winter in just shorts and a vest. It’s important to think about what layers you’re wearing. Thin layers are always best. This way as you warm up and get into your stride you can always take off a layer and tie it around your waste. Avoid throwing a great big hoodie on over your vest and letting it get damp in the rain along with your sweat. The damp in your top can very quickly turn cold and make your run not so enjoyable.

Mix it up:
There’s no need to run for hours and let all the elements use you for target practice. Rather than running for miles, try finding a good hill which you can run up for 30-60 seconds. Gently jog back down and repeat as many times as you need to in relation to your current fitness levels. A good starting point would be between 4-6 times whilst gradually building up. This way you’ll not only keep up your fitness levels, but hill training is fantastic for your strength and speed… Plus you’re done in half the time, and most likely a lot dryer and warmer!

Keep motivated:
When you’ve a specific target you’re training for, maybe a 10k or even a marathon you know you can’t stop training, and goal or not, my advice is to pump the motivation even higher by seeking out a local running group. One of my clients over the last couple of weeks has joined a local group where once a week they head out and run a few miles together. It’s not a “running team”, just several people wanting to get through the winter together. If a running group isn’t an option, then find yourself a running buddy to keep you company instead, even a pet!

Prepare the Body:
Just as I always recommend warming up and cooling down in the summer, you could suggest it’s even more important in winter. When you’re warm and cosy in your home but then head out into the cold it really can be a shock to your system and muscles. Make sure your body is prepared by carrying out a good and thorough warm up to prevent any risk of injuries.

There are many more little hints and tips to offer, however these I feel are some really key ones. If any readers out there have any tips to share or questions to be answered, then definitely let us know.

Love and passion,


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