Fizzy Drinks, Diet and Non Diet - Our Verdict

Fizzy drinks really do taste good, they give us that sweet sugary taste we sometimes need and crave. Most people know that a full fat fizzy drink isn’t healthy because of the high sugar content, but are we aware of how the body reacts when we consume these products?

Take for example a can of Coke. Imagine 10 teaspoons of sugar suddenly hitting your system (your whole daily recommended intake). This leads to your blood sugar levels spiking, which in return causes your liver to turn those 10 teaspoons and other sugars into pure fat. Not ideal if you’re trying to trim up!

Unfortunately there are more issues heading for your body too. The chemicals in most full fat drinks make you need to go to the toilet. This may sound good on the surface to some people, however you’re saying goodbye to healthy nutrients and water which the body would have readily absorbed from other foods.

All that sugar is not only going to wear down those teeth, but also your bones slowly too. We’ve all seen the film Austin Powers? Well enough cans of the sugary sweet stuff and you might one day share a smile to match!

So what about Diet/Zero?

The one thing I like about “full fat” fizzy drinks is that everyone knows they’re bad for you, however there always seems to be some confusion about the “diet” and “zero” versions.

The biggest thing with these drinks is that there are fewer calories, so for all you regular fizzy drinkers out there who indulge in multiple cans a day, by drinking a diet/zero version you could find yourself consuming thousands of calories less a week!

However… Do you find that after having a can of the diet/zero stuff you’re always still craving more sweet things!? What happens is your taste buds expect sugar when we consume these drinks, but because we’re tricking our body we begin to crave sugar more than we originally did. Resulting in us potentially eating more sugary products than we originally would have.

There are lots of other chemicals in the low sugar options too which our body doesn’t know how to react to. Chemicals such as Aspartame, Caramel Colour and Phosphoric Acid which have all been linked to potentially different forms of cancer.

Our Verdict

Avoid your “full fat” fizzy drinks. Your diet options, there is no actual evidence to suggest that these chemicals “do” increase the risk of cancer, however they surely can’t be good for the body either. My advice, treat a diet/zero option as you would your other occasional comforts. Enjoying one on occasion is absolutely fine, just don’t go indulging daily.

Love and passion,
James Hesling

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