Diet Pills - Don't Be Stupid

In the UK and even throughout the world, most of us have a desire at some point in our lives to flaunt the stereotypical beach body. A body which shows lean muscle, slim legs and a six pack. Firstly can I just say, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, should you get there in a healthy fashion. Healthy eating and regular exercise can definitely achieve these goals whilst keeping your body happy on the inside.

So where’s the issue? Unfortunately, in our busy and impatient world it appears too many of us are just not willing to be dedicated or patient enough to get there the healthy way, the right way. Rather than listening to our body or taking the time to do a little research, we instead search for a “quick fix” and hunt down a “miracle pill”.

It really saddens me to say that there have recently been 4 deaths in the UK and over 60 deaths worldwide linked to diet pills and in particular a chemical called DNP (Dinitrophenol). DNP… Was originally used as a chemical to help build explosives by the French in the First World War. Personally, I think that says it all, how on earth can a chemical which is used for explosives be in anyway good for our body? Fundamentally, it was never designed for human consumption. What DNP actually does to the body is incredibly frightening, imagine taking a pill in order to loose weight which is going to give you the following symptoms: dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, restlessness, flushed skin, rapid respiration and an irregular heartbeat!

There are very limited restrictions when it comes to buying these kind of pills on the internet, and I personally put the blame on the companies selling them. A company which sells such products so freely, making them so accessible in my opinion is totally unethical and wrong. I do not believe they care about your health, only your money.

There are many forms of weight loss supplements out there and in today’s world they are as accessible as anything else. What we need to be is a little more careful and inquisitive about the decisions we make when it comes to achieving our health and fitness goals. If you are ever going to purchase anything related to a slimming product, then please seek professional advice first. Speak to your Doctor or someone within the Health and Fitness Industry (who have credible credentials).

Please think twice before ordering anything of any kind relating to “slimming pills” or some sort of “ab shredding miracle pill” off the internet. The best, most natural and healthy way is to eat a healthy balanced diet with regular exercise.

Love and passion,