Cravings, Why and What To Do

What’s the biggest hurdle we all experience when it comes to living a healthy diet? Cravings!

A “craving” is the incredible desire for a specific food which is stronger than normal hunger, but why do we have them and how can we stop them? Here’s my top tips on becoming less “hangry”.

Hangry – angry because we’re hungry.

1 Drink water

Water not only promotes weight loss but it works wonders for body maintenance and reducing cravings. We don’t always realise we’re dehydrated, which is why when we think we’re hungry we could just be thirsty. We always recommend drinking 2.5 litres a day, so get your water bottle at the ready, and let’s get hydrated!

2 You crave what you eat

If you’re used to eating certain foods, then you’ll naturally want them more. Processed and sugary treats can be incredibly addictive, which is why we might crave them. The first week is always the hardest when it comes to eating healthier food but if you persevere long enough, you’ll find yourself craving something healthy rather than something naughty!

3 Have you eaten enough?

Living a busy life can mean we sometimes go several hours without refuelling our body. Suddenly you feel tired and in need of a quick energy fix and before you know it you’re emptying the vending machine!

Eating little and often throughout the day helps your energy levels stay constant, rather than having energy highs and lows, which leads to cravings! Make sure you always head into the day knowing when you’re eating next.

4 Are you looking after yourself?

When we don’t get enough sleep we start the day on an uphill battle. Suddenly we’re already craving our comfort foods and a quick energy fix. Try to give yourself the best start to the day by getting eight hours of quality sleep every night.

5 Enjoy a treat!

We all need that little release, which is why it’s important to plan treats as rewards! If your healthy diet has gone to plan this week, treat yourself with your favourite meal and dessert. You’ll not only have something to focus on throughout the week but you won’t feel guilty eating it because you’ve earned it!

Love and passion,

James Hesling


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