The Challenge - Fear Is Creeping In

The fear is creeping in, quickly. In less than 11 weeks I’m going to be challenging myself mentally and physically harder than I ever have done before. I’m not new to crazy ideas, especially when it comes to fitness challenges. However as I write this, and having just set up the charity page, the realisation that this is happening, I guess shouldn’t come as too much of a shock!

I’ve always been someone who enjoys a challenge, but most importantly I love exploring my limits. (Have I gone too far with this one!?)

Now I like to think I’m a pretty fit guy, I’ve completed many marathons and various other fitness challenges and I’d be confident enough to say I can run. Swimming and cycling on the other hand are two disciplines which I unfortunately can not say the same for.

Training has however gone reasonably well so far, in between working full time launching AllShapeUp and my part time job, I manage my time pretty good and especially the workouts. With almost 10 weeks until the challenge starts, the training increases… a lot. The miles and hours training will really step up, and it’s because of the cause which really does motivate me to keep going.

Up to now I’ve been focussing on improving my base fitness, I’ll admit I haven’t started open water swimming or cycling on the roads yet… (todo list this week!) which is a little nerving, however I have been reasonably busy on the spinning bike and in a warm pool! Consolation!?

In my next post I’ll upload my training and eating plan for you so you can start to understand just the commitment this really is taking, and indeed the time. However there is no stopping me now, my mind is set, the cause is so worthwhile, and I’m going to (successfully) get through those 12 days!

Love and passion,