How To Boost Your Energy Levels

When you’re living a hectic lifestyle it is easy to forget to take proper care of yourself. This can leave your energy levels depleted and that’s when you start craving junk food for short boosts, and lose all motivation to work out. To prevent this from happening we have comprised a list of top tips to keep you going throughout your busy days!


  1. Magnesium is Magical

Through increasing your magnesium intake you can prevent your body having to go into overdrive to carry out any form of physical activity by breaking down your glucose into energy your body can utilise! For example, if you’re feeling drained, start incorporating more fish, whole grains or a handful of almonds/hazelnuts into your daily diet.


  1. Drink more water

You’re probably bored of hearing it now, but water is the cheapest, most natural and broadly beneficial medicine anyone can get! When your brain is dehydrated it struggles to function properly, and the same goes for your muscles. So stop making excuses, go buy a bottle, and treat it as your new best friend. You really can wash away fatigue, and it’s not difficult!


  1. Get enough sleep

Notice the term ‘enough’, not more. When we feel exhausted our natural instinct is to acquire more sleep. But despite what you may think, you really can get too much sleep. It’s all about trial and error to find out what works for you. Also, avoid those dangerous daytime power naps as it will only affect the deepness of your sleep later that night, leaving you powerless come the morning!


  1. Avoid Stimulants after 2pm.

Similar to our previous point, it’s not about the length of sleep you get, it’s about the quality! Whilst I’m a self-proclaimed coffee addict, even I have had to accept that getting pumped up on caffeine and other stimulants past 2pm will only perturb your sleep later! So past 2 swap that coffee for a cup of green tea, which has also been proven to improve energy levels.


  1. Don’t skip out on breakfast

And here goes another recommendation you’re tired of hearing. Well frankly, we’re tired of telling you! Healthy breakfast foods hold a plethora of nutrients from whole grains, to vitamins and minerals and even probiotics. These foods can give you sustainable energy throughout the day and prevent you from munching away on sugary snacks later, which will only cause your energy levels to come crashing down when the sugar rush is over.


  1. Jump Up!

As the renowned Taylor Swift once said, Shake It Off! Sitting at your desk for hours on end leads to the restriction of your blood vessels, which in turn eats away at your energy levels. So get up and walk around on the hour, every hour. Just a minute of movement will be enough to jump start your heart rate and get that blood pumping around your brain and muscles! This will leave your body feeling more energised and it is an easy sustainable solution!


Love and Passion,



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